Tim Stafford Cash Formula Review – Thinking of Buying?


Earning money is not easy. It requires hard work and most people toil away for years without being able to see results.

You often hear about products being released that state you can get away from these issues. Of course, it is essential to keep your guard up as several scams might deceive you. However, there are also excellent products which can indeed help.

Let’s see whether “Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula” holds up as being a legitimate option or not.

This review is going to gauge the pros and cons of this product and whether it has the quality you are looking for.



  1. Automated Formula Designed To Predict Fluctuations In The Market
  2. Can Turn Profit In Less Than 60 Seconds Of Starting
  3. Can Earn Over $50000 In A Month
  4. Easy To Setup
  5. Detailed Access To Platform With Private Dashboard
  6. Consistent Customer Support For 24/7 Support
  7. Automated System Runs Around The Clock For You

Who Is Tim Stafford?

Tim Stafford1

It all started at a local business firm where he was a business consultant. After getting divorced from his wife, he raised his daughter while struggling to make ends meet. He realized it was time to make a change.

Now, all stories begin like this, but what makes Tim Stafford unique?

He states it all began when a mentor provided him with an intriguing book to read and a flash drive inside. This was filled with the “cash formula” file which he now states is the reason for his success. Read more about Tim by clicking here.

Easy To Use

The product is easy to use. Most people are new to the world of making online, and that can lead to troubling hurdles. Tim Stafford has done an excellent job of making this as easy as possible for those who are termed as “newbies”. This is great news for those want a straightforward solution.

Even for those who are experienced will want to go with a solution that isn’t a hassle.

The good news about this product is they have done an excellent job of breaking things down and automating as much as possible. This makes it easy to use for everyone, and you won’t be restricted by your education or what you might have done in the past.

The simplicity of this product is the best part about it because that will help you in the short and long-run.


The product has been created in a manner where you are receiving a high-grade automated solution. There are products online which are troubling because you have to set them manually. This can take time, and most people are not well-versed in how to do this the right way.


Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula is useful because it is automated.

You can sit back and let it run as much as possible. You are not stuck with something that is going to depend on you to earn money. All you have to do is sign up and then it will start working for you. The automated nature of this product is highly efficient and one of the biggest plus points it has to offer.

Most of the other solutions you will find will never be as automated as this.

Tim Stafford Cash Formula

While reviewing this product, it was important to assess how automated it is. The test was positive. It was simple enough to set up and then when you get started; it was a simple as pressing a button. What more does a person want? This stood out immediately.

Quick Results

How long do the results take to come in? Most people are on the clock when it comes to earning money. They want to spend a minimal amount of time before making their 1st dollar, and that is fair enough.

This review had to sit down and take a look at how quick the results were before making a decision. Many products don’t provide immediate results and waste time. Most people would rather go to a local Mcdonald’s and work there instead of waiting around.

The results are rapid.

As soon as you sign up and start using the product, you will be in awe. It is rapid with how quickly you can get from point A to point B. It is easy to use, and you are going to see results on the 1st day. What other solution is going to do this for you?


It was important to look into this because being able to enjoy the results; they had to come in fast. When the software was running, it led to an immediate burst of $2000 on the first day. This is unbelievable and something most products take months to do at best.


So in that regard, it was a winning solution, but let’s keep going with the review.

No External Requirements

Another positive that stood out about this product was the purity of it. No requirement had to be included on top of what was already there. You often hear about solutions where a person has to move away from the product/platform and put in additional work.

This takes time out of your schedule for no reason at all.

Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula makes sure everything you are doing will remain within the platform that has been established. You will not be made to overextend when it comes to earning money.

Simple Withdrawals


Let’s say the money has been earned. How are you going to withdraw it, so you can take advantage of what you have made using this product?

The withdrawal process is simple. It is going to be sent straight to the bank account you have attached to this software. It is as simple as it gets. You will not have to lift a finger, and it is going to start rolling in as long as the steps are being followed.

This gives tremendous leverage to those who want to spend the money or reinvest it because it is coming in as a liquid asset.

Fantastic Platform

When you have signed up, you are going to get to the “other side”. This is the side you are not shown because it is top-secret in essence. You have to be vetted before you gain access to this side, and that is something you will have to appreciate.


The platform is well laid out and easy to follow for those who are new to the process of earning money online.


It is seamless, smooth, and fun to use as well when you get a hang of it.


A product that is not tested won’t do much for you at all. This is a worry many people have and rightly so with all of the scammers that are hoping to quickly grab money out of your pockets. Tim Stafford is clearly aware of this as well and wants to ensure you are getting something that is proven.

There are thousands of students who have legitimately earned money from this product.

It works, and that will be shown later on in this review as well through the “Testimonials” that have been taped. You get a good look at what people are saying about this product.

Fantastic Customer Service

 customer service team Cash Formula

Customer Service Team CashFormula.com

What about the customer service for those who might need assistance along the way? Some products don’t care about you after they have completed the conversion. Well, this is not the case here as Tim Stafford does care about you.

The customer service team is unbelievable.

They are quick to reply and know what they are talking about. You can tell they are well-trained, and that is amazing for those who want immediate answers to any questions they might have racing through their mind at the time. Why not take advantage of this?

Requires Urgency

It doesn’t matter what product you are looking into; there are always going to be cons, and this is no different. It is not a “perfect” product as some might like to suggest. It does have holes.

The first con would be the necessity of being urgent. Tim Stafford is not going to keep this up for long, and that might lead you to make a decision immediately. This is not always something people appreciate. So, if that is an issue, you might get stuck.

Vetting Process Is Long

The next con is the vetting process. You can understand why they do this because they don’t want bots getting through. Hackers use these bots to grab onto a formula of this nature all the time.

The vetting process is long, but well worth it because you will be able to get as long as you are not a bot.


What do the testimonials have to suggest?

Looking at the site and what is on there, many students have gone on to make millions of dollars.

For example, Claire D. is a single mother from California, and she has earned over a million dollars. She talks fondly of this product and how easy it was to use.

Another testimonial was given by a man named Ron W. stating es he has earned over five million dollars and was one of Tim’s first students. His success has progressed over the years.


Concluding Thoughts

Is this the product for you?

Well, it is a no-brainer. This is one of the best products that has come out, and Tim Stafford knows what he is doing. It is impressive to see a product such as this come out.

Sure, the vetting process takes a bit, but in the end, you are getting something that is powerful and easy to use. Just a gem of a product.


P.S. Please share your feedback, results and experiences in the comment section below.