Who Is Tim Stafford? In-depth Info Here!

Products come and go, but it is always important to understand the people behind them before investing.

Tim Stafford is a name that has been ringing around after word got out about the “Cash Formula”. This is a product he is launching and is proclaimed as the one-stop solution for those who want to earn money online and wish to do it the right way.

So, the question that lingers on everyone’s mind at this point would be, “who is Tim Stafford?” It is important to understand the person behind the product as that is going to make a substantial difference.

Let’s take a look at who he is and what he has to offer.

Worked At Business Firm

It all started as he was struggling to make ends meet. It was not easy for Tim Stafford a decade ago as he was hoping to pay the bills and raise his daughter. She has trusted him from the start and is a pillar he has leaned on during his time of need.

He has always wanted to be a great provider for his family, and that was his motivating factor.

He wanted to tap into the market and make positive trades that would yield money, but it was not easy to get started. Where did he have to go to find results? Who could he trust to provide guidance as he looked to earn money? This was a question he often asked as he worked at a nearby business firm.

He was a simple consultant at the business firm and was not making enough money to achieve the goals he had set. He was barely able to pay the bills.

This is how his journey started as he looked to move away from the job and find new methods to earn money. This is exactly what he did as time went on because he knew it was possible as long as he kept working hard.

Personal Circumstances

It is important to note some of his personal circumstances to understand better the man behind this system and how he got to where he is right now. Sure, he had a job as a business firm consultant, and that is something he used to earn money for a long time.

However, it all began far earlier than this. At the age of 11, his parents put him through a lot because they were alcoholics. This is something he often talks about because it not only weakened his development period while growing up, it frightened him about the world around him.

However, he kept pushing forward because it was all he knew.

His circumstances became better as he found a woman he loved and got married. They had a beautiful daughter as well. However, over time, his financial situation got in the way of this lovely family. His wife was not happy about the income he was earning as he was barely able to make ends meet. This led to his eventual divorce.

His daughter spent time with his mother before coming back to him.

It was these personal circumstances that became the launching pad for him and his family. He wanted to be the best financial supporter for his daughter, and that is what he became focused on. He also met his second wife along the way and is happily married now.



Let’s move back to the software as that is what matters most. “Cash Formula” was something his mentor talked to him about. One day, his mentor came to him, and they were talking about earning money. He started by saying he trusted Tim Stafford and that it was time to bring about a change in his life.

How would he go about doing this?

He handed Tim a small book and told him to take it and start earning money. It was not the book that mattered, but the “Cash Formula” file inside. It was this file that changed Tim Stafford’s life forever. He put in the file and noticed it was a neat algorithm stating positive trades to make in the market.

He was already receiving guidance from his mentor to trade in the market, but this was different. It was something that would automate the process for him, and it became a wonderful foundation for the income he earned for years. Even to this point, he continues to use the same file.

Maximized Use Of “Cash Formula File”

So, what did he end up doing from that point forward? Did he take the file and stash it away not believing what he was seeing? No, he took the file and made sure it was helping him earn money. He realized his mentor was someone he could trust and what he had been given was a goldmine of the highest order.

It would help him make thousands of dollars.

When he started off, he was still apprehensive. He thought the data coming in would not be helpful, and it would be something that might work here and there.

It was a thought that was quickly erased when he made $2000 on the first day.

In fact, he made money in the first minute of turning on the software and running it! This is something he always talks about because it was incredible to see for someone who was struggling. By the end of his first month, he had made over $50000.

The numbers just got larger and larger as time went on.

Has Helped Thousands Of People For Free

His mentor asked him to “pay it forward” when it came to the algorithm and what it had to offer. He stated there was nothing worse than greed and that it was important to help those who deserved it. He wanted Tim Stafford to take the information he had and spread it.

This is what Tim Stafford has done for years helping those in need.

He has taught people from scratch and helped them make millions of dollars. He has spent time around the world doing this because he knew he had to get the word out everywhere. He couldn’t reserve it for America. He went across the planet to do this.


He still continues to travel the world because that is something he enjoys and believes he can still assist those who need it the most.

For him, this is one of the best things he can do to return the favor when it comes to the riches he has seen.

Built Product From The Ground Up For Beginners

The product was not the same as it is now. It was just a file, and he knew how to use it. For him, he wanted to go ahead and make something that was comprehensive. It was a full-scale system that would be easy to navigate. He wanted to make it as foolproof as possible for those who would use it after him.

This is when “Cash Formula” came about as an important idea that he could lean on and promote.

The product he has designed is something his team is proud of. He has taken the algorithm and turned it into something that is even greater and more powerful than it ever was before.

Wishes To Help New Traders In The Future

What about the future? Tim Stafford has one goal, and that is to assist as many people as possible. He felt it was time to spread the world on a greater scale after the “Panama Papers” leak. He felt this was done as a means to get the word out about this method.

This is why he is now using a powerful option such as this to help as many people as possible.


What do people have to say about his product? He has helped so many people, and all want to talk about his assistance. You see single mothers, retired grandpas, and many other individuals who have given positive testimonials about the system and Tim Stafford as a person.

In fact, one man talked about Tim Stafford refusing to accept money from him as a gift. He said Tim took the money and donated it to charity instead. This is the beauty of Tim Stafford and says it all about what he has to provide.