How to set up a conservatory in the house

Fitting a conservatory in your home can create a cosy and pleasant space that can be used all year round. Here are the steps for setting up a conservatory:

  1. Choosing a location: Decide where your conservatory will be located. The optimum location is an area with good natural light. Windows should be large to maximise light.
  2. Insulation and heating: A conservatory needs to be warm, so ensure that the walls and ceiling are insulated. Consider installing heating to maintain a comfortable temperature during cold weather.
  3. Glass walls and ceiling: Use glass walls and ceiling to maximise light penetration. It will also create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom.
  4. Ventilation: Consider a ventilation system to circulate air and maintain optimum humidity.
  5. Flooring: Choose a suitable floor covering. Wooden floors or specialised flooring can be convenient options.
  6. Plants: Decide which plants you would like to grow in your conservatory. Consider the care of each type of plant, as well as lighting and temperature conditions.
  7. Furniture and décor: Add lounge furniture and dining furniture if you plan to dine in the conservatory. Choose furniture that will be resistant to humidity and temperature changes.
  8. Lighting: Install additional lighting to create an ambience for evening gatherings.
  9. Sun protection: Be aware that on sunny days you may need protection from strong sunlight. Consider blinds or curtains.
  10. Decor: Add decorative elements such as rugs, cushions, pictures and potted plants to give your conservatory style and personality.
  11. Care: Take care of regular plant care including watering, fertilising and maintaining the correct humidity.
  12. Seasonality: A winter garden allows you to create a cosy space at any time of year, so consider seasonal changes and decide how you will use it in summer and winter.

A winter garden can be a unique and cosy place in your home where you can relax, enjoy nature and spend time with family and friends.