Dubai skyscraper in the form of a photo frame

It is an architectural structure that is shaped like a huge picture frame and is one of the new attractions in Dubai, UAE. Here is some information about Dubai Frame:

  1. Dimensions: the Dubai Frame is about 150 metres high and about 95 metres wide.
  2. Location: It is located in the green neighbourhood of Zabel Park and provides a stunning view of modern Dubai on one side and historic Dubai on the other.
  3. Concept: The frame symbolises the link between old and new Dubai by representing the letter “H” in the Arabic alphabet. It has many interactive displays and viewpoints.
  4. Glass Floor: Inside Dubai Frame, there is a glass floor that allows visitors to walk above the void and observe the ground floor.
  5. Museum: Also inside Dubai Frame is a museum that tells the history and future of the city.

This architectural site has become one of Dubai’s famous landmarks and attracts tourists and photographers from all over the world.